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Learn more about issues relevant to education in the black community on all levels including higher education (HBCUs), high school, middle school, elementary school, in both public schools and charter schools. Explore the school to prison pipeline.

Seeking to Represent District A: Anand Nair

by Naiomi Pitre on

As a proud United States Marine Corps veteran, Anand Nair learned many valuable life lessons, including the Latin term, “ductus exemplo”, meaning lead by example. ... Read full article

Nevada State College: Committed to Serving African-American Students

by Staff on

Since Nevada State College’s inception in 2002, diversity and inclusion have been at its core. Nevada State celebrates the storied backgrounds of its campus community. It operates with commitment to represent the diverse population of Nevada.... Read full article

“No More Deans” in CCSD Schools


Clark County School District Superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara, announced the elimination of 170 middle and high school dean positions through a viral video, June 10, 2019. ... Read full article

Celebrating the 100th Year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

by Augusta Massey, Esq. on

This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the nineteenth amendment. On August 18, 1920, women attained the legal right to vote in the United States of America.... Read full article

The Judiciary: A Series on Government in the State of Nevada


The Judicial branch of the government is responsible for interpreting the law. While that sounds like a relatively simple task the justice system relies on a multi-leveled court system. ... Read full article