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The Importance of Time

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

Thank you for taking this opportunity to learn about 'The Importance of Time' in an article by Dr. Gerald D. Curry, Publisher of Curry Brothers Publishing in Haymarket, Virginia. Dr. Gerald D. Curry is a Retired Colonel from the US Air Force.... Read full article

Impartiality in Civil and Criminal Cases

by Tegan Christine Machnich, Esq. on

As a Chief Deputy Public Defender and experienced trial attorney, I am the best choice for judge in District Court, Department 15 - I am asking for your vote.... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Monica Trujillo, Esq.

by Monica Trujillo, Esq. on

From the high school counselor who said that Vanderbilt only accepted me because I was Hispanic; to the former colleague who doubted my ability to transfer to homicide cases; to the people who tried to discourage me from running in Department 3...... Read full article

PROFILE: Belinda T. Harris, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre on

Belinda T. is unafraid of initiating the difficult conversations that are necessary. She understands that what she may have to say and do could go against popular opinion, and certain decisions can be very hard to make. ... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Jacqueline M. Bluth, Esq.

by Jacqueline M. Bluth, Esq. on

Judge Jacqueline M. Bluth was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. ... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: J. Scott MacDonald, Esq.

by J. Scott MacDonald, Esq. on

I understand the needs of families and have also experienced the pain and frustration of a divorce. I have the experience, maturity and temperament to make an excellent Judge in Family Court, Department J.... Read full article

The Power of Collaboration

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

By coming together, we demonstrate our commitment and determination to succeed.  No man lives on an island, and we are our brother’s keeper.  ... Read full article

Count on Me! US Census Impacts Lives for a Decade

by Shaundell Newsome on

The Census is a Constitutionally mandated count of every person who lives in the United States and its territories that happens every 10 years. ... Read full article

The Revolution is NOT only Televised! It’s Tweeted, Posted, Podcasted and more.

by Shaundell Newsome on

In a Brookings Institute article entitled Examining The Black-White Wealth Gap “At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016.... Read full article

Government for the People, by the People: Jasmin Lilly-Spells, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre on

Jasmin Lilly-Spells has demonstrated her exemplary legal expertise while working as a practicing trial attorney, working in the trenches and handling all aspects of her cases.  She has shown an even and fair judicial temperament.... Read full article

The Power of Love

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

Throughout the years, hundreds of songs have been written on the power and concept of love. In this article I’m not speaking to the romantic type of love, but that love you feel for your child, a friend or perhaps a relative.... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Dedree "Dee" Butter, Esq.

by Dedree "Dee" Butler, Esq. on

Dee Butler will be honored to serve as a family court judge to give back to the community that has given so much to her. She understands the importance of having a judge who listens and respects the people before her. ... Read full article

Celebrating the 100th Year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

by Augusta Massey, Esq. on

This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the nineteenth amendment. On August 18, 1920, women attained the legal right to vote in the United States of America.... Read full article

COVID and Racism Have Exposed Great Inequalities.

by Shaundell Newsome on

GoFundMe pages, idled workers and “good-bye and thank you” signs popping up on one long-standing storefront after another. America’s Main Street businesses are on the ropes and many of our moms and pops are facing early retirement.... Read full article


by Naiomi Pitre on

Ricky Gourrier took advantage of the chance to work as a paid intern in the Communications Department for Senator Harry Reid, who was the Senate Minority Leader at the time. ... Read full article


by Carli Kierny, Esq. on

Carli Kierny, Esq. is the best choice for District Court 2 because she has the judicial temperament, courtroom experience, and a balanced perspective that would allow her to be fair to all Nevadans.... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Belinda T. Harris, Esq.

by Belinda T. Harris, Esq. on

Belinda T. Harris is BOLD, TOUGH, AND HONEST (#BTH) and dedicated to the people of North Las Vegas. She is proud of being homegrown and she is devoted to maintaining integrity and fairness in North Las Vegas Justice Courts. ... Read full article

Nevada needs the decency and humility of Vice President Joe Biden

by U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford on

"The pain in our community is real and certainly is not new. We have felt the weight of systemic racism for as long as we can remember." - U.S. Congressman Steven Horsford.... Read full article

Why I support the Biden-Harris Campaign

by Assemblyman William McCurdy on

Joe Biden has spent his entire career fighting for civil rights, voting rights, and fair-housing rights. He fought for equality in justice, education, and economic opportunity.... Read full article

Justice in Policing

by Congressman Steven Horsford on

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is the first-ever bold, comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, end racial profiling, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust between law enforcement...... Read full article

OPINION-EDITORIAL: Yes We Can With Tanya Flanagan


Tanya Flanagan, a 20-year resident of North Las Vegas, has tossed her hat in the ring for the seat of Clark County Commission District D, currently held by Lawrence Weekly who will term out next year.... Read full article

PROFILE: Fikisha Miller, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre on

As far as District Court, Department 19, Fikisha Miller will bring all of her past experiences with her to the bench.  She has held positions as a judicial commissioner, general counsel for a construction firm, and even as a juror in a civil trial.... Read full article

The Elimination of "Cash Bail"

by Belinda T. Harris, Esq. on

Why should you concern yourself with voting in the upcoming Primary Election?  Why should you concern yourself with ensuring that the right candidates are elected to serve on the Nevada Supreme Court? ... Read full article

Why I am the best candidate for District Court | Dept. 8

by Jessica Peterson, Esq. on

My personal and professional experience make me the best candidate for the position, and I would very much appreciate your vote. I am Jessica Peterson and I am running for District Court Department 8, I want to help. ... Read full article

Don’t Let Nevada Miss Out on the Money We’re Owed: Fill Out Your Census Today!

by U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto on

Make sure to visit for more information and to fill out your census form online.  Remember, you can also fill out your census in the mail or over the phone by calling (844) 330-2020.... Read full article

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Michael Villani, Esq.

by Micahel Villani, Esq. on

Judge Michael P. Villani, a fifty-nine-year Las Vegas resident, was appointed to the Eighth Judicial District Court in Nevada in April 2007. Judge Villani received a B.A. in Psychology, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1979.... Read full article

The Wrongful Conviction of Fred Steese for the Murder of Gerard Soles

by Naiomi Pitre on

After serving more than twenty years in prison, the hard work and diligence of the federal public defender’s office uncovered all of the evidence that was withheld by the prosecution and therefore violated Fred Steese’s right to a fair trial.  ... Read full article

PROFILE: Jasmin Lilly-Spells, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre on

As Lilly-Spells runs for a seat on the Eighth Judicial District Court in Department 23, she plans on offering a unique approach to administering justice and serving her community. She believes in balancing compassion with just punishment.... Read full article

PROFILE: Monica Trujillo, Esq.

by Naiomi Pitre on

Running for District Court judge in Department #3, Trujillo desires to serve as a trial judge where she feels she can have the greatest impact.  If elected, she plans on ruling with compassion, integrity and respect.... Read full article

Walking in Discomfort

by Dr. Gerald D. Curry on

Over the past few months our country has been jolted by a myriad of serious jaw-dropping issues and concerns that have unnerved our citizenry and shaken us to our core! ... Read full article