The JUNE 2015 EDITION of The Urban Voice, Las Vegas features Carolyn & Patrick Thomas, a dynamic husband and wife who discuss the Grand Opening of OsteoStrong™.  "Through each Osteogenic Loading Session that we give, we witness amazing results:  increased strength, improved balance and relief for painful joints, all naturally acquired." 


Dr. Gerald Curry offers "I do not want to add to the myriad of theories and formulas you have heard throughout the years, but to offer you a very practical plan for accomplishing your very best each and every time."  Click the image to the left in order to read the full article...

The 2015 URBAN DIRECTORY, Spring Edition is proud to feature Kevin E. Hooks of the Las Vegas Urban League on its cover.  This is the definitive collection of Urban Professional in the Las Vegas Valley and we look forward to expanding its presence rapidly over the coming months, with the next edition debuting in JULY 2015.  Should you have any questions regarding the 2015 URBAN DIRECTORY, simply call Joseph Abraham at (702) 306-2394.  Online and in print, we will ensure your organization is known throughout Las Vegas.

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